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About me

My name is Denis. I’m a software engineer writing mainly in C, Java, Bash, Python and such.

I also like tinkering with Devops topics, Linux servers etc.

I brought this website up mainly to share some interesting (to me) topics, problems and solutions.

It’s based on the Friday-Theme template.

Hope you enjoy it’s contents.

Recent Posts

The missing i3 features

07 Mar 2023

I love the i3 window manager, but it’s missing specific features. This is my attempt to make it perfect.


How to easily deploy your dotfiles to any machine

19 Feb 2021
bash dotfiles

Here I’ll show my way of dynamically deploying your dotfiles on any machine you happen to land on and leaving no trace when you’re done.


How to setup a clipboard over ssh

09 Feb 2021
bash ssh vim

This article explains how to get a working clipboard integration to the local machine when connecting over ssh.


Denis Tokarev

Denis Tokarev